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Koroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor
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Welcome to the website of the Department of Translation Studies

The Department of Translation Studies is a relatively new department at the Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor. However, the scientific and theoretical tradition in this field dates back to the late 1990s, when the philological departments established the Translating and Interpreting - German and English - course.
Developments within this discipline necessitated the establishment of an independent department combining both languages - German and English - in translating and interpreting; they were subsequently joined by Hungarian with the introduction of the new Bologna programme.

Why study translating and interpreting?

If you are interested in working with your mother tongue and foreign languages, if you have a high level of knowledge in this field and wish to improve it with the language theory and practice we offer, if you are interested in dynamic and challenging work in a range of institutions at home or abroad, then our study programmes are ideal for you.

What are the additional advantages of our study programmes?

• the possibility of various combinations with other fields of study offered at the Faculty of Arts
• a broad range of subjects within our department and at other faculties (emphasis on law, economics and technical sciences)
• introduction to working with translation tools
• conference interpreting
• literary translation
• subtitling and dubbing
• intercultural communication
• foreign languages for specific purposes
• international exchange and mobility
• guest lectures by theoretical experts and practising translators as well as interpreters

Where can you work after completing your studies?

You can work in professional fields that require an advanced knowledge of foreign languages, as part of a company or, more broadly, in the cultural sector - as language teachers, tour guides, editors, reporters, critics; you can also find employment in libraries, museums, galleries and other institutions where linguistic and cultural skills are required.

Why should you choose to study at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor?

Our programs are internationally comparable and we support international teacher and student exchanges. Thanks to our proximity to and traditionally close relationship with the University of Karl Franzens in Graz, our students are able to cooperate with our Austrian counterparts during their studies, while international mobility scholarships are opening doors to the wider European academic space.

Our staff are both academics and practising translators, as the language teachers are highly-qualified active translators and interpreters.