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Practical work experience

Students encounter realistic translation contracts and interpretation situations through practical work experience or MA internships. Students gain new knowledge and experience by working with clients and colleagues, working in realistic environments and providing translation and interpretation services.

The practical translation and interpreter training can be carried out by e-mail or at the location of the client in Slovenia or abroad. On the basis of an initial interview, students contact and make all the arrangements with the institution where they would like to attend their practical work experience, or request the help of a coordinator. As is standard procedure, they come to an agreement with their client about the translation project and deadline. Through the course of their practical work experience, students gain experience with both the professional and technical aspects of translation, they use translation tools and independently look for resources if they need them. The coordinators or mentors that are assigned to the students by the institution guide and help them to hand in quality translations before the deadline. 

The practical interpretation work experience can be carried out at the location of the client in Slovenia or abroad, as well as at the location of the event where interpretation is required. The coordinator of the practical interpretation work experience contacts the institution or the company where the internship is being held and helps them gather the material needed for the interpretation event. Students then independently, or with help of a coordinator, prepare for the event. During the interpretation work experience, students are introduced to simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation, the professional aspects of interpretation, the code of professional ethics, the process of communication with clients, as well as business customs and etiquette. The coordinator helps and guides the students during the interpretation event.

As part of their practical work experience, students generally do not receive remuneration. They receive a certificate with their grade and a description of the work and assignments they carried out upon completing their practical experience. The certificates are an important reference point when searching for a job in the future and bear witness of the acquired knowledge and expertise.

This year, the Department of Translation partnered with the following providers of practical work experience for the translation students:

‒ The Secretariat-General of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Translation and Interpretation Division,
‒ Iolar: Language Service Providers,
‒ Elia, European Language Industry Association, as part of their Elia Exchange programme,
‒ FIRIS IMPERL razvojni inženiring socialnega varstva d. o. o., Firis Imperl, d. o. o.,
‒ Radiotelevizija Slovenije, Regional Broadcasting Centre Maribor,
‒ Radiotelevizija Slovenije, TV-Studio Lendava,
‒ Society for the Development of Humanities - Zofijini ljubimci,
SKAM - Community of Catholic Youth Association