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Koroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 2 22 93 840

Člani oddelka za slovanske jezike in književnosti

Predstojnica oddelka za slovanske jezike in književnosti
red. prof. dr. Jožica Čeh Steger

Namestnica predstojnice
izr. prof. dr. Melita Zemljak Jontes

Oddelčni tutor
izr. prof. dr. Natalija Ulčnik

Redno zaposleni člani oddelka
red. prof. dr. Irena Stramljič Breznik
red. prof. dr. Silvija Borovnik
red. prof. dr. Marko Jesenšek
red. prof. dr. Mihaela Koletnik
red. prof. dr. Miran Štuhec
red. prof. dr. Dragica Haramija
izr. prof. dr. Mira Krajnc Ivič
izr. prof. dr. Branislava Vičar
izr. prof. dr. Drago Unuk
izr. prof. dr. Blanka Bošnjak
doc. dr. Simona Pulko
doc. dr. Gjoko Nikolovski

Zunanji sodelavci
izr. prof. dr. Darja Pavlič

Presentation on the Department

The Department for Slavic Languages and Literatures is one of the largest departments at FA Maribor; it has 18 members and 6 external colleagues. It is composed of three chairs: a Chair for Slovenian Language, a Chair for Slovenian Literature with Theory of Literature and a Chair for Didactics of Slovenian Language and Literature. Since 1999 the Department, besides undergraduate study, the Department also offers a graduate study program of Slovenian language and literature with the fields: language, literature, didactics of language, didactics of literature. In the academic year 2009/10 the Department called for enrolment to the Bologna doctoral study program Slovenian Studies for the first time, and with the following directions: Slovenian language science, Slovenian literature, didactics of language and literature.

Members of the Department actively include into the program group and domestic, bilateral and international research projects, and regularly cooperate also in pedagogical practice (as on elementary, as well as on secondary school level). Special fields of their research encompass especially Slovenian dialectology, (modern, historic, dialectical) lexicography and lexicology, diachrony of Slovenian language, mainly historic grammar and language in publications, lexical semantics, analysis of discourse, political discourse, development of individual naratological aspects, typological, thematical and stylistic questions of Slovenian essay, theory of metaphore, modern Slovenian short prose, literary rethoric, literary translation, literature of Slovenian female authors, etc.

The Department regulates and edits scientific revue Slavia Centralis (SCN), in which linguistic, literary theoretical and literary historical original scientific contributions from the field of Slavic Studies and comparative interdisciplinary research are published.

A special recognition for the Department is the organization of scientific conferences, symposia and congresses with international participation (e.g. Prodorne in preroške misli 16. stoletja (2008), Večjezičnost v Evropski zvezi (2008), 6. kongres dialektologov in geolingvistov - SIDG (2009)).

Actual widening of knowledge is offered to the students by numerous invited guest lesctures by Slovenian and foreign visiting professors and annual organization of guided professional excursions in Slovenia and beyond its borders. Special opportunity for contact with language, literature and culture of other Slavic countries represent elective lectorates of Slavic languages.