Student Associations and Clubs

Students belonging to our Faculty are able to join different associations, clubs and sections, where they can form new friendships, enrich their academic process, and organise various events, including round tables, movie nights, and book presentations etc. It is important that associations, sections, and clubs within different departments are able to connect with eachother, build genuine interdisciplinary relationships, and use this to expand their knowledge. Professors and experts from both Slovenia and abroad are also often invited to take part.


About the Section

The Department of History has a student section, known as the Youth Organisation of the Dr Franc Kovačič Historical Society in Maribor. It seeks to connect history students with eachother, introducing them to scientific research and enabling them to participate in extracurricular activities. Popular events include movie nights and debates. The section also organises quizzes, picnics and other informal get-togethers, and publishes the historical Zgodovisnki študenstki časopis (ZŠČ) journal, which represents the backbone of student creation and offers our students the opportunity to publish their own scientific articles.

Where to find us?

Študentska sekcija Zgodovinskega društva dr. Franca Kovačiča Maribor


About the Association

The Psychology Students’ Association in Maribor is a non-profit and voluntary non-govermental association for psychology students in Maribor. Its groups are active across the whole of Slovenia. The Association is committed to connecting psychology students with one another, further developing the study of psychology in Maribor and promoting extracurricular activities in a socially beneficial way. The Association also addresses and tries to bring awareness to social issues amongst the general public through the organisation of numerous workshops and lectures. The Association also aims to promote psychology as a science as well as its findings, raising awareness of the importance of mental health, and providing information about mental health resources. It also proposes preventative strategies in relation to the field of mental health.
The Association was established on 21 December 2009. In its first year of activity, the Association formed eight groups. Today, there are 14 active groups. Within the framework of these various groups, psychology students collaborate with numerous institutions and work voluntarily on preventative and curative health care in different mental health fields. Examples of the groups active within the Association are: Čagatorji, Journalisti, Psihobum,, Dosjeji Ψ, Edukator, Kako si? Maribor, Edukator, Oh, ta ljubezen, Svetovalnica: Pogovori se s študentom psihologije, Cicibanove urice, Psihonirvana, Moving Borders Team in Pisana jesen. In 2016, the Association created a website where it regularly publishes a variety of content, ensuring that this content is accessible to a wider audience. Across the Academic Year 2020/2021, the Association had approximately 130 members. It is intended for psychology students as well as for the general public. The Psychology Student’s Association is highly active, and its work and actions are visible in various fields. Each year, the Association grows and develops in new ways, and seeks to find new collaboration opportunities.

Where to find us?

Društvo študentov psihologije Maribor Društvo študentov psihologije Maribor - Facebook

Click on the links below to follow the active groups within the Association:


Prosto dostopni članki revij Journalisti na Facebooku Journalisti na Instagramu

Mind The Mind

Mind the Mind na Facebooku Mind the Mind na Instagramu

Dosjeji Ψ

Dosjeji Ψ na Facebooku Dosjeji Ψ na Instagramu

Svetovalnica: Pogovori se s študentom psihologije

Svetovalnica: Pogovori se s študentom psihologije na Facebooku Svetovalnica: Pogovori se s študentom psihologije na Instagramu Svetovalnica: Pogovori se s študentom psihologije ‒ spletna stran

Projekt Oh, ta ljubezen

Projekt Oh, ta ljubezen na Facebooku Projekt Oh, ta ljubezen na Instagramu


Edukator na Instagramu

Kako si?

Kako si? na Facebooku Kako si? na Instagramu

Pisana jesen

Pisana jesen na Facebooku Pisana jesen na Instagramu


About the Association

The Association of Young Pedagogy Students was established based on the initiative of three students in March 2019. Its primary location is at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor.
Within the framework of the Association, students created an ambitious plan for the undertaking of specialised activities. In addition to socialising and organising get-togethers, the Association aims to organise expert meetings and voluntary activities to further educate members, etc.
The Association continues to strive to contribute to the development of pedagogical science, to provide the members with the opportunity to make mutual connections, and to develop collaborations with various organisations and institutions engaged in Pedagogy and related disciplines – either on amateur or professional levels, and/or in the scientific research field, etc.

Where to find us?

Društvo mladih pedagogov Filozofske fakultete univerze v Mariboru


About the Association

The Geography Students’ Association was established in 2017. Since 2019, the Association has formed part of the Association of Slovenian Geographers. Each year, the Association organises events and projects, such as GEO dan, different competitions (photography competitions, designing the T-shirt logo etc.), celebrating the Association’s anniversary, publishing the journal Geoum, and holding expert lectures and travel-themed evenings. Amongst other things, the Association also organises numerous informal events, such as get-togethers, hiking trips and short day trips. Members who wish to participate in events or projects are more than welcome to do so.
The Geography Students’ Association is also a part of the European Geography Association for Students and Young Geographers (EGEA). The European Association was founded in 1987 and is intended for geography students and young geographers who are eager to learn, travel and discover new cultures. For this purpose, EGEA organises various congresses, scientific conferences, educational training activities, short exchanges and other events across Europe throughout the year. EGEA Maribor was founded in 2007, but due to inactivity, was forced to close its doors. However, in 2017, geography students decided to relaunch EGEA Maribor. To date, its members have participated in numerous congresses and meetings across Europe.

Where to find us?

Društvo študentov geografije

English Club

About the Club

English Club Maribor is a community where English language and literature nerds can come together to create fun, interesting and educational events. It’s a space where students have the opportunity to gush about their favourite authors and work with foreign students and professors. To be honest, it’s mostly just us geeking out about English-related stuff.

Where to find us?

English Club
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