Incoming students

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor

Before the mobility

Information about studying at the University of Maribor:

Application procedure:

Course Catalogue 2022/23 Faculty of Arts:

The language of instruction across all subjects is English. We offer compulsory and elective subjects. The studying of an elective subject depends on how many home students have applied for it. If there are not enough students, the course will not run.

You can also choose subjects from other faculties (max. from one other). Most of your subjects have to be from your (matična) faculty. Course Catalogues for other faculties can be found here:

During the mobility

If a subject is no longer available after your arrival, or if your classes clash, we will ask you to make an exceptional change to your Learning Agreement (under During mobility).

International Relations Office: Office 0.19 – located across the hallway from the library (Faculty of Arts, Koroška cesta 160, 2000, Maribor)

Contact: Mojca Ješe (Mobility Coordinator),

Check if your university requires a Confirmation of Arrival and Departure document. Present this to the IRO as soon as possible after your arrival.

To join the library, you must submit an Enrolment Form to the Miklošič Library.

After the mobility

For each exam you intend to take, you will need to fill out a form called the Certificate of Completed Subject. You must present it to your teacher, who will enter the grade and the date of the examination and sign the document. Please bring your CCS (Certificate of Completed Subject) to the International Relations Office to have your grade input into the system.

After completing all of your study obligations, the Mobility Coordinator will issue a Transcript of Records based on your Certificates of Completed Subject for all of the courses you have taken and passed. Please submit all of your Certificates of Completed Subject for all the subjects you have taken to the Erasmus Coordinator.

You must make sure that you submit all of the Certificates to the Mobility Coordinator before leaving.

Please also visit the Mobility Coordinator’s office just before you leave to confirm your departure date.

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