Enrolment and Membership

Enrolment and Membership

Enrolment takes place in the Periodical Room.

Library membership is open to pupils, students, and other natural and legal persons. The membership fee is charged at the time of enrolment and is valid for full-time, part-time, and postgraduate students for the current Academic Year, and for 1 calendar year for other users.

The membership fee is valid for all faculty libraries of the University of Maribor and for the Maribor University Library.

Students of the University of Maribor (full-time, part-time and postgraduate) who hold a valid student status must pay the membership fee upon enrolment in the first or higher year, while other users can pay this fee upon enrolment in the library.

Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Service are exempt from membership fees if they present a certificate of unemployment.

Membership must be renewed once a year. The library must be regularly informed of any changes to your personal data.

To enrol in the library, you will need:

for students of the University of Maribor:

  • a valid student identity card for the current Academic Year;
  • an identification document.

for other users:

  • an identification document;
  • evidence of your paid membership fee according to the current price list.


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