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Pedagogy as a scientific discipline has a long tradition in Maribor.


Pedagogy as a scientific discipline has a long tradition in Maribor, as it is related to the education of teachers. The history of pedagogy as a study programme dates back to 1996, when the Combined Study Programme in Pedagogy was approved at the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor. In the following decade, the Department was strengthened in terms of staff and scientific establishment. When the Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor was established in 2006, the study programme (renewed according to the Bologna Reforms) was transferred to the new faculty.

The following study programmes are offered at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor within the Department of Pedagogy:

  • Bachelor‘s Degree – Combined University Study Programme in Pedagogy;
  • Master‘s Degree – Single Pedagogical Study Programme in Pedagogy;
  • Master‘s Degree – Combined Pedagogical Study Programme in Pedagogy;
  • Bologna Third-cycle Study Programme in Pedagogy.

As part of the study of pedagogy, students will learn about the theory and history of education, its psychological and sociological foundations, and methods of scientific research of educational theory and practicum. They will acquire pedagogical and didactic knowledge required for planning, implementing, analysing and evaluating the educational process. They will be trained to work with children with special needs and will be familiarised with pedagogical work at pre-school level. Students will also learn about educational work with adults, as well as school guidance and counselling work, etc.  Practical training is organised at all levels of study, granting our students the opportunity to learn about working within a wide range of educational institutions, starting with nurseries, schools at different levels and types of education, adult education institutions, educational care and rehabilitation institutions, NGOs, etc.

The teachers, lecturers and staff of the Department are all involved in both domestic and international scientific research work and often collaborate with professional and scientific institutions at home and abroad. These individuals also participate in international conferences and various scientific and professional conferences. Over the last decade, the Department has also organised several international scientific conferences and professional meetings. We are committed to involve students in scientific research and to work with alumni through the Alumni Club.

The Socrates-Erasmus programme enables students to study at various European universities. The Department is also part of the CEEPUS network, which further expands the range of partner universities in South-Eastern Europe and enables guest lectures to visit within the professorial mobility framework.




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The Department of Pedagogy enjoys a wide range of international collaborations. As part of the Erasmus+ International Mobility Programme, we work with 14 partner institutions at universities in Brno, České Budějovice, Liberec, Olomouc, Cadiz, Tarragona, Ioannina, Pula, Split, Zagreb, Poznan, Kragujevac, Ankara and Kars. Members of the Department also have close contacts with related departments at the Universities of Milan, Budapest, Sofia, Graz, Turku, Okayama and Hiroshima.

We actively participate in the Central European Mobility Programme CEEPUS (CIII-SI-0906-02-1617 Pedagogy and Andragogy in South-East Europe (PASEE), coordinated by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana, headed by Dr Marko Radovan, which sees the participation of 12 Departments of Pedagogy and Institutes at the Universities of Ljubljana, Maribor, Sarajevo, Skopje, Novi Sad, Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka, Belgrade, Montenegro, Wroclaw and Trnava.

In the Academic Years between 2017/18 and 2019/20, four students of pedagogy from the Erasmus+ programme and three from the CEEPUS programme came to Maribor as part of an international mobility exchange. Erasmus+ brought students from three partner institutions, while CEEPUS brought two students from Montenegro and one from Skopje. Five of our students took part in an Erasmus+ exchange, while four took part in an exchange within the CEEPUS Network.


The Association of Young Pedagogues of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Maribor forms part of the Department of Pedagogy. The Association was founded in March 2019. The Students’ Association organises social and professional activities, e.g., professional meetings, professional training activities, volunteer activities, etc. The Association aims to contribute to the development of pedagogical science, to develop cooperation with various organisations and institutions involved in amateur, professional or scientific research in the field of pedagogy and related disciplines, and to ensure the mutual integration of its members, etc.

Up until now, the Association of Young Pedagogues of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Maribor has organised:

  • a first-year party for pedagogues (20 November 2018; 19 November 2019);
  • a presentation of the CEEPUS exchange: Where to? To Nikšić (19 March 2019);
  • a panel entitled Slovenska osnovna šola v luči konceptualnih rešitev osnovnošolske zakonodaje iz leta 1996 in collaboration with SLODRE (Slovenian Society of Educational Researchers) (21 May 2019);
  • participation in the volunteering fair Getting experience: voluntary (Pridobivam izkušnje: prostovoljno) (22 October 2019);
  • a lecture on volunteering in Gambia (26 November 2019);
  • a TOTI DCA Maribor presentation (9 December 2019);
  • a presentation of the book Razvoj i aktualne tendencije pedagogije i školstva na području nekadašnje Jugoslavije in collaboration with SLODRE (26 November 2020);
  • a virtual tea party with pedagogy students (8 December 2020).

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