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Koroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 2 22 93 840
E-mail: ff@um.si

Faculty of Arts is the youngest member of University of Maribor, as it was established in 2006, and the first students started to study in academic year 2006/07. its youth is only apparent, as study programs and departments were formed and developed in the framework of the Faculty of Pedagogy a long time ago. In the last few years, it was just the question of the »right moment«, when Slavic Studies, English and American Studies, German Studies, Hungarian Studies, History, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy will leave behind the old frames and become independent in the new Faculty of Arts. Maribor needed an independent humanistic faculty, and with Faculty of Arts everybody wins: the town, university, professors and students - of course, if we will know how to free it from the tight institutional frames and develop it in the university town Maribor into a real intellectual, research and educational center, in an important development axis of the town.

Faculty of Arts Maribor sets a clear goal: it wishes to become a recognizable center of humanistic and social science development in Northeast Slovenia, an important carrier of a positive regionalism in the country, and at the same time open for overcoming the borders and ready for connections wit hthe best European faculties and universities. It develops such forms of organization, study programs and research that enable regonizability in associations with domestic and European university ans academic area. The students are provided with an excellent education, and the professors have good conditions for scientific and pedagogical work.

In spite of its youth, Faculty of Arts of University of Maribor is firmly included in the system of European university flows, as it is connected with numerous recognized universities and faculties in European Union. These connections enable comparability of studies, student and teacher exchange and cooperation of our students and teachers in international academic and research projects. A great opportunity is offered especially to the students, who may spend a semester at the most well-known universities in Europe via Erasmus grants, and the ECTS and comparability of studies enable recognition of achieved credits at Faculty of Arts Maribor, which is an equal member of the joint European University Area.

Successful cooperation is mainly a partnership agreement based on equal grounds - this means that we obtain from the partners, but at the same time we also have to contribute. Creation of new knowledge gives results, by which we can establish at home and worldwide. Therefore, inclusion of Faculty of Arts in the international university area is important also for the students - it enables connections and cooperation and shows a perspective of development of modern faculties that will be successful, if they will know how to connect and mutually develop an effective academic and research activity. International cooperation of Faculty of Arts Maribor is thus the greatest opportunity for students, as it offers and forms new important academic, research and intellectual relations in the joint European University Area - it connects the beginnings of European university education with the new demands determined by the Bologna Process, and it shows how European tradition and youth of Maribor can supplement each other in a successful way.